August 28, 2007

Nick Braso Toy

I have to admit it. I can't get enough of Nick Braso. He's such a hottie with that muscular body, patches of hair in all the right places, adorable face and so sexy you could rub it for hours buzzcut. So, other than my own selfish reasons of wanting him back just because I love shooting him, I felt it was time to put that gorgeous ass of his to work. I asked if he would be into trying out some toys. Ever the trouper he answered without even thinking about it. It's one thing I've noticed about Nick, he's adventurous and willing to try things. And if he wants something he's not afraid to go after it. The day of the shoot he came ready to play. He's a really nice guy, very down to earth and fun, but something happens when the camera goes on. There's a wild side that comes out that is so amazing to watch. You'll see in this video as he's jacking that monstrous cock of his, he looks at you as if inviting you in. He knows your watching him and he loves it. That half smile, intense eyes, the way he closes his eyes in ecstasy and then comes right back down, looking back at you wanting you to come with him. And once he begins teasing his hole there's really nothing else you can do except maybe grab your cock and go to town. He edges around his hairy little hole, getting closer and closer. You know there's a hint of nervousness as he's about to explore something for the first time. He finally pushes the dildo in, gasping from the pleasure. It's so hot watching him take these first few steps. And after a while you can tell he's really getting into it and giving in to the feelings. And with all that poking around the prostate it wasn't long before our darling Nicky was spewing his load like a geyser. He must have been saving it up for weeks. I can't wait to have him back to see what else he'll be ready to do.

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August 26, 2007

Kyle & Spencer

I love pairing up guys with vastly different personalities or body types. I think it makes for an interesting dynamic in the video and can give you guys something more to see than just skin on skin (not that there's anything wrong with that). So, after Kyle Hennessy's last video I wanted to put him with just the right person. Sure, I could have played it safe and put him with someone that matched his all-American boy-next-door looks like Brent Diggs or Noah Driver, but I thought it might be fun to put him with someone a little different. I remembered how well Spencer Reed did in Summer Heat Stroke and thought he would be just the right guy to give Kyle his first on-screen ass pounding. It turned out to be the perfect choice. Spencer wastes no time in making sure Kyle knows who's boss. He's so verbal and a little nasty so when he starts in with his dirty talk it pushes things up a notch. Kyle begins very passive and letting Spencer do his thing, but pretty soon Kyle stars riding Spencer's cock, gyrating his hips around to drive him wild. This is definitely one video you want to turn the sound up for. During the shoot things got so hot and heavy that I wondered if I should point the camera and leave. But of course I didn't want to miss a second of it. And when Kyle finally came, Spencer leaned down and licked it off his sweaty, cum-soaked chest. Then he dumped his own load to fill the space his tongue had made in the sticky mess. It took everything I had to maintain control because it was just so damn hot.